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Horse Box Theatre CIC are proud to champion to local talent to create bold and exciting new work. We are taking up residency in DEPARTMENT in Ryde where our focus will be support local creatives to try out new work. 

Our Creative Development Programme begins with BORN IN A BARN. This is where the magic of a new idea happens. Where we test out inital concepts, bounce ideas around the room, foster new collaborations and get our creative juices flowing. In 2023, Arts Council England funded our first Born in a Barn R& D project which saw new ideas being tested out in shop windows, workshops of a new musical, explorations into making our work more accessible and the inital run of Ryde Boy.

From there we take our plays to the next stage of development in THE HORSE'S MOUTH. This is where we give our plays, playwrights, theatre makers, creatives and performers the time and tools to develop these ideas. We have read throughs, curate scratch nights where we can share the creative process with a small audience, we give dramaturgical support in the play's development. In 2024, we are delighted that we have received funding from Arts Council England to take 4 full-length plays and two new productions for young people through the Horse's Mouth programme ready for performances in Spring 2025. 

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