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born in a barn

Horse Box Theatre are absolutely thrilled to have received funding from Arts Council England for our Research and Development Project, Born in a Barn. This is an exciting project that gives us the opportunity to foster new collaborations, try out different performance ideas and develop our approach. As part of the project we will be bringing Work In Progress mini-performances to the shop front window at Department, we will  be developing two new shows, and we will be exploring how we can create theatre for, by and with young people with Special Educational Needs. 

It's going to be a busy Spring 2023 and we can't wait to get started!!

three strands


Our Work In Progress Windows will see theatre makers paired up for a week to create a new performance in the shop window at Department. Our first performances take place in January with Helen Reading and Julie Jones working on 'Ghost Town' and the following month Ashleigh Mackness and Henry George will create 'Don't Look'. Plus, two other artists will work together to make a performance in March. These pieces will be presented live in the window and digitally.


We will be developing two new productions during the Spring with performances taking place in the Barn at Department. 

Ryde Boy, a gig theatre play set in the King Lud pub

Tea Shop on the Beach a new musical inspired by the songs of Rosina Buck

horse box

Horse Box Theatre have created work for young people and families from the very beginning. We want to build on our work and explore how we can create new performances for, by and with young people with Special Educational Needs. Working with Engagement Practitioner and Theatre Director, Liam Gifford, and SEN Drama Specialist and Performer, Zoe Divers, we will develop a blueprint for creating impactful theatre that is truly accessible.  

Don't look

Created by Ashleigh Mackness and Henry George

Lynda and Ellory from Lustful Liaisons are planning a big wedding on Thursday 9th March and you're invited! 


Episode 1: Planning and Preparation...

Episode 2: Preparation and Planning...

Don't Look

Don't Look

Don't Look
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Don't Look Episode 1

Don't Look Episode 1

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Don't Look Episode 2

Don't Look Episode 2

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Created by Rob Thompson and Nye Russell-Thompson

‘Whipped in to a state of hysteria, this flakey northern seaside town properly melts down. At the soft centre of our story sits the parable of The Fish and The Ice Cream (Van).  


Add your own sprinkling of intrigue… we invite customers to delve in to our freezer full of flavours, dripping with sunshine induced sugary silliness at every turn. 


Choose single, double or triple scoop and embellish with a selection of flavours and toppings.’


With love,


Mr Whippy

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